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Welcome to the Vermin Blog

This is the kissu.moe and 4taba.net dev blog. If I ever have an interesting thought I’m going to put it here, though updates will probably be sparse. Consider this your official news wire towards development on kissu, 4taba and whatever I’m working on at the time. As a first post I guess I’ll go into what are my current plans for websites and other things .


French Kissu

French Kissu is what I plan to call the next iteration of the Kissu imageboard software. I want to take Original Kissu in a direction that doesn’t just add features, but makes it very different to ViChan and other imageboards. This update will focus on the simplification of ViChan. It’s very bloated and hard to work with so I’m proposing a pretty major change. I want to completely strip ViChan of it’s ability to make html pages and replace it with API based page rendering. This basically means it’s more browser dependent and puts less strain on the server. tl;dr we go fast.

Work on things such as the banners is basically done for now, though I can certainly add more features to it and have been suggested some. Ideas like banner voting or perceptual hashing to make spam a challenge.

The Community

Well, advertising on most imageboards seems to attract a group I don’t enjoy . If I’m to continue advertising Kissu on other boards it will be through it’s software such as the banners package or Original Kissu. Most of the popular non-mainstream imageboards are European or Central American which makes it harder to convince them of visiting.


4taba is already pretty good and well designed. It’s major problems are similar to Kissu’s since it’s built on top of Artanis that is still lacking many features. The bugs here are more serious as well such as memory leaks that can kill the site or scheme not having certain important tools for web development. Still it’s very fast and worth the time put into it. 4taba really just needs more people. I see it as a bridge between the world of textboards and would see it going in that direction. For the software I plan to fix a bug in the tagging system and start making fixes to Artanis which I will be pushing downstream.

For Profit Ventures

I have my Patreon and donation funds with two generous donors. I haven’t checked my crypto wallets yet. I’d also like to release a product on the side since the likelihood of making a living on Patreon is super low. Unless we expand Kissu to be the level of a site such as lainchan, a Patreon only supported by imageboards unlikely. I’m not even counting maintenance costs. If I have to sell some goods then it’s gotta be video games. I have a few ideas such as finishing some H-Games and releasing them or a f2p turn based strategy. I’ll release a thread soon with this as soon as I compile it again without anything relating to my former pseudonym….

Of course, if you want to fund me:


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